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Summer 5-A-Side

Posted By Roselands FC  
13:18 PM

Hello and Welcome to Roselands FC's new blog!!

We're hoping that here we will be able to keep you updated with all the comings and goings of the club... Plus any cool new news!!

Maybe we should start with the biggest news event that's happened to the club last month. Excluding Summer Soccer of course. The AGM was held on Friday 28th of October and our new committee was voted in. For the first time in Roselands FC history we have our very first female president. We've had lots of women on the committee through the years (all of them amazing of course) but our new president Kylie is the first to take the big leap and lead the club as a whole. When you see her don't forget to offer your congratulations! 
The committee is full of loads of other important people tho. We have Vice-President: Stephen, Treasurer: Ian, Registrar: Cassie, EC Committee Members: Ian, Bennett, Allen, Peter & Mahdi. We are still looking for a secretary, so if you think you are up to the task you can hit us up and let us know

This year we are taking part in the CDSFA's inaugural Summer 5-a-Side competition and it's all a bit exciting!

We have some new players, get to play on different fields, and ultimately still get to play the game we love at a time when we would normally move on to something else like Cricket (bleh!)

Competition opened Oct 11 and so far our highest ranked team is the Under 9B squad at 2nd place! Not too shabby at all. But lets not count everyone else out yet, there is still time to storm those tables!

I guess that's it for now, I'll keep the first one short and sweet. If you have any news you think could be included next month, send it on through to or you can send it through to our newly revamped socials on both Facebook and Instagram

Good luck to everyone playing this week and I'll see you next month!