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Wet Weather

When there is a risk of damage to pitches or injury to players, fields may be closed for play by local councils, clubs or referees.

  • The club will use Facebook to notify wet weather closures of training and home grounds s soon as they are known
  • For weekend matches on away grounds, updates are posted by CDSFA. If a field does not have a CLOSED status against it then it is deemed to be OPEN
  • It also pays to check local council hotlines or websites for the most up-to-date ground status

Note: During wet weather, grounds may be closed at any time- even once you have arrived at or started a match.

Match Day Procedures

Match day checklist for Managers/Coaches

CDSFA Process for electronic match sheets and checking of ID cards – Please read and be familiar with this.

Before you leave for the game (or the day before the game)

  • Confirm the time and location for the match in DRIBL
  • Check on wet weather status
  • Check the electronic Match sheet using the Dribl app or website
    • all players are added to match sheet
    • REQUIRED – click on the A next to each player that will be available so that it turns green – tap again to reverse
      • the maximum number you can mark as available is shown at the top of the match sheet screen (e.g. 16 for U12 and above)
    • OPTIONAL – click on the S next to each player that will be starting the game on the field so that it turns green – tap again to reverse
      • the maximum number you can mark as starting is shown at the top of the match sheet screen (e.g. 11 for U12 and above)
    • OPTIONAL – click on the C next to a player to mark them as Captain for that game – tap again to reverse
    • absent or non-participating players are marked as not available (the A is left as red)
    • borrowed players are added and marked as available
  • Have your referee (Match Official) payment sheet
  • Have the correct money for referees (our canteens are not equipped to make change for you)
  • Have your manager card around your neck
  • Have a match ball

Before the start of the match

  • Coach/Manager have their Team Official vests on and ID cards around their necks
  • Add any borrowed players to the match sheet and/or remove any others not playing
  • Ensure all players shirt numbers are recorded correctly
  • No later than 15 mins before kick-off
    • Final check of electronic match sheet and submit it. Check that the opposing team has also submitted their match sheet
    • Pay the referees & get them to sign the Match Officials payment sheet
  • 5 mins before kick-off (for U12 and above ONLY) – The Referee will check the digital player cards for each team (methods may vary)
    • If there is a dispute over any of the IDs, the Referee will resolve it to their satisfaction as to whether the player is able to participate or not
  • If all is OK with the opposition team, open their Match Sheet and click the CONFIRM option to finalise it
    • Make sure you do this, as the Referee cannot see team lists until both teams have confirmed
  • You’re ready to play!

After the match is completed

  • Confirm the result with the referee and opposition manager
  • Check any Yellow/Red cards have been entered properly (and against the correct players)
  • Ensure only players nominated on your team’s match sheet participated. If any need to be marked as not available (e.g. didn’t show up), do so with the Referee’s confirmation & approval
  • Enter the final score (in the Recorder section for the match) in the Dribl app and save it
    • Make sure to do this at the field immediately after the game – that way you won’t forget!
    • BOTH teams need to enter and save the result after the game
  • Lodge your referee reimbursement request

What happens if a referee does not turn up to referee my match?

  • If an official referee does not arrive to referee your match, both parties must agree on a person to referee the match.
    • Ideally, the one person should referee the entire match.
    • The volunteer match offical must be added to the electronic match sheet (see guide for instructions).
  • If both teams cannot agree on a suitable person to referee the match, then:
    • The game shall not proceed.
    • The match sheet shall be filled in and also state on the match sheet the match was not played.
    • The Fixtures Committee shall decide the outcome of the match.
  • Where a person is appointed to referee the match, he shall have all the powers of an official referee.
  • Volunteer referees should not be paid, and they should not request any payment to proceed.

Match Official Payments


Payment of CDSFA Fines

Coaches and managers are urged to read the CDSFA Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations, to understand actions that can lead to the CDSFA issuing the club with a fine.

Where CDSFA issues the Club with a fine, the responsible player, coach, manager or team will be required to pay the fine (and in some cases an administration fee) to the Club.

When a fine has been incurred by a team, it is the responsibility of the manager to collect.  Payments may be deducted from match official reimbursement requests, or paid directly to the club where this option is not available. If you believe that there are mitigating circumstances you must advise the Club in writing.

Common fines & charges for teams:

Shorage of Players and Forfeiting Matches


CDSFA Rule Changes

CRA Temporary Dismissal (TD) Rules – U12 and above

2020 – CDSFA rule changes for the 2020 season

2021 – FIFA Laws of the Game – Changes and Clarifications

2021 – CDSFA Rules of Association (February 2021) – changes introduced in 2021 are highlighted in yellow

2021 – CDSFA Judiciary Disciplinary Appeals Regulations as amended February 2021