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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 10:44 am
Subject: Bennett Park and Parry Park - Competition Draw
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Dear Colleagues,


The CDSFA has been informed today that Bennett Park, home of the Roselands Soccer Club will remained closed until after Round 6 of the Competition which is 18/19 May.


This will necessitate the relocation of all games that have currently been set down in the published draw that were allocated to Bennett Park.


It is a significant problem for our Member Club, Roselands Soccer Club, given they have not been able to play football or train at their home venue since August 2017. A totally unacceptable situation, for which the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council must accept full responsibility. The Association has requested a written explanation from the Council which will be then provided to the Club to share with the registered players and parents of the Roselands Soccer Club.


Therefore, we ask the member clubs which have teams in competition divisions that also comprised a Roselands Soccer Club side, for their forbearance while the Association reworks the Competition draw.


The Association is awaiting written confirmation from the City of Canterbury Bankstown Council regarding the Roselands Soccer Club having access to Lance Hutchinson Oval and Bland Ovals, as a replacement for two of the four fields at Bennett Park.


At the same time, the Association confirms previous information regarding Parry Park. Parry Park will also be off line until after Round 6 of the competition. This presents logistical challenges for both Australian National Sports and Lakemba Sports Club. The Association acknowledges the assistance which the Belmore Eagles Soccer Club who have agreed to assist both Australian National Sports and Lakemba Sports with hosting a number of the fixtures of both these two clubs.







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